About Us

Welcome to F&P Antiques, where heritage and luxury intersect in the heart of Manhattan's art district. As a venerable institution, our family's third generation, Fred and Parviz Botesazan, proudly carries the torch of our legacy at the Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center (MAAC), an emblem of prestige in antique galleries.

Our meticulously curated collection showcases the epitome of 19th-century European grandeur. From exquisite French furniture that epitomizes "le goût français" — a harmonious blend of luxury and artistry — to an array of Belle Epoque masterpieces, our selection is a testament to unparalleled quality and design. Our three prominent showrooms within MAAC are a testament to our dedication, featuring an array of Louis XV and Louis XVI-style furniture, Rococo artistry, and Second Empire elegance, alongside exotic Japonism and Orientalism influences.

F&P Antiques is more than a gallery; it is a gateway to the past, where every piece, from Baccarat chandeliers to Italian marble sculptures and European paintings, has been chosen with the utmost discernment. Our philosophy, centered around selective curation, has garnered the trust of an elite international clientele, including royalty, celebrities, and leading interior designers.

We take pride in offering artifacts crafted by legendary 19th-century artisans such as Beurdeley, Dasson, Durand, Linke, Sormani, and Zwiener. Our commitment is to deliver these historical treasures at a fair value, ensuring every acquisition from F&P Antiques is an investment in excellence.

Explore a preview of our extensive inventory online, and we invite you to experience the magnificence in person. For collectors aspiring to elevate their milieu with a piece of history, we offer comprehensive personal inspection and global shipping services.

In pursuit of excellence, we are continually seeking to acquire distinguished antiques. For evaluations or to discuss a direct sale, reach out to F&P Antiques — where every conversation is a step towards owning a piece of the grand past.

You can reach us every Monday through Friday at (212) 644-5885