Antique Chandeliers

Elegant Antique Chandeliers | Exclusive French & Moorish Designs

Discover the grandeur of history with FP Antiques' stunning collection of antique chandeliers. Our selection features a range of exquisite styles, from the opulent Louis XIV gilt bronze chandeliers to the intricate craftsmanship of French champlevé and crystal designs. Each piece in our collection, including rare and unique finds like the Moorish style gilt and enamel chandeliers, is carefully curated to offer the finest quality and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for collectors and connoisseurs of fine decor, our chandeliers are attributed to renowned craftsmen like Ferdinand Barbedienne and Eugene Lelievre, ensuring both authenticity and exceptional artistry. Elevate your space with a touch of elegance and history from our exclusive antique chandelier collection, available for a limited time at FP Antiques.