Antique Centerpieces

Exquisite Antique Centerpieces: Sevres Style, French Porcelain & More

Discover a world of elegance and refinement with FP Antiques' exquisite collection of Antique Centerpieces. Our curated selection features a range of breathtaking pieces, including the luxurious Celestial Christofle Crystal Centerpiece Bowl, the opulent Porcelain Rococo Jewelry Casket by Tahan, and the majestic Sevres Style Centerpieces. Each item, from the large Antique Bronze Mounted Sevres Style Centerpiece to the magnificent French Bronze-Mounted Porcelain Centerpieces, is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of the past. Whether you're seeking a Fine Quality Ormolu Mounted Cobalt Porcelain Centerpiece, a pair of Sevres Style Gilt Pink Painted Porcelain Cache Pots, or a rare 19th Century French Monumental Porcelain Urn, our collection at FP Antiques, located in New York, offers unparalleled beauty and historical value. Enhance your home or collection with these timeless treasures, each piece a story of luxury and sophistication.