Franz Bergman Antique Bronze

The Enigmatic World of Franz Bergman Bronzes

Discover the fascinating world of Franz Xaver Bergmann, the mastermind behind the most celebrated bronze foundry of Vienna, whose work continues to enamor collectors and art enthusiasts around the globe. Born in 1861 in Jablonec, Bergman later moved to Vienna, Austria, where he immersed himself in the art of bronze processing under the guidance of Josef Ott. Inheriting a small bronze factory from his father in 1894, Bergman soon established his own foundry, marking the inception of an era that would see Vienna become a hub for exquisite bronze artworks.

Franz Bergman was not merely a foundry owner; he was a visionary whose workshops employed myriad anonymous sculptors, fostering a space where creativity and craftsmanship flourished. Many of the bronze pieces emanating from Bergman's foundry were characterized by their whimsical and lifelike essence, showcasing a unique blend of artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail. Bergman's collection traversed various themes, ranging from the exotic and mythological to the erotic, often veiled under the pseudonym "Nam Greb" to sidestep the conservative legal ethos of the time.