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  • Gilt and Silvered Bronze Candelabras on Pedestal
  • Gilt and Silvered Bronze Candelabras on Pedestal
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A Fine Pair of Large French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Candelabras on Pedestal

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Item Description

The pair of candelabras on gorgeous Levanto rouge marble bases and formerly owned by MGM Studios.

Maker: Auguste Lacarrière Père, Fils et Companie
Origin: French
Date: circa 1862
Dimension: 95 1/2 in. total height; Pedestal: 61 1/2 inches high; Candelabra: 34 inches high

Catalog Note about A.Lacarrière, Père et Fils et Cie.

These pair of vase candelabras are very identical to the vase and column shown by Lacarrière at the International Exhibition in London in 1862, the only difference being the presence of candle branches on the present pair. The firm of Auguste Lacarrière sent exhibits to the first International Exhibition in London in 1851. They are recorded as showing 'specimens of lustres, sconces, chandeliers, medallions, etc'. By the 1862 exhibition they were only recorded at the Sainte Elizabeth address and showed, 'Appareils à gaz de fonte, de zinc et de bronze.' Their exhibit was highly praised and the business, now A.Lacarrière, Père et Fils et Cie, received a medal for 'good design and fabrication'. J. B.Waring also comments, 'The bronze-gilt candelabrum in the Greek style by Messrs. Lacarrière and Co. was remarkable for the elegance of its form and the justness of proportions affording a high idea of the present state of manufacturing art in Paris.' It is interesting that it was described as in the Greek style at the time; today we might think of them as more Byzantine in style. This confusion underlines the proliferation of revival styles during the period and the relative lack of understanding of the distinction between them at the time.

Reference: J.B.Waring, Masterpieces of Industrial Art and Sculpture, 1862, pl. 257.

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